Five Key Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Take a look at these benefits of managed IT services that directly address the struggles of the small business.

Managed IT services are a perfect resource for small businesses that want to relieve pressure on their IT and overall operations. With managed IT, a business can outsource either a full range of IT tasks and responsibilities or outsource items piecemeal. For example, you can offload a couple of aspects of your IT and technology needs, or you can use managed IT to outsource your entire IT department. Below are five major benefits of managed IT services that address the needs of San Diego small businesses:

Broad expertise: You can hire in-house IT specialists, but as a small business, the costs associated with that needed expertise can cause some sticker shock.

This is where managed IT services are particularly useful to small businesses: You can leverage the expertise of an entire team for often less than the cost of hiring in-house IT staff members whose expertise may be more limited.

Up-to-date technology: With managed IT services, your managed services provider gives you access to the latest updates so your small business can stay competitive along with the bigger companies.

You’ll also have access to newer hardware without the initial capital investment typically needed. Managed IT services provide the newest in infrastructure hardware and software using a subscription model of payment on a monthly basis. You’ll be able to have “the latest and greatest” technology at a monthly cost that works for you.

Better security and compliance: Security and compliance are two areas of IT that are notoriously difficult to manage in-house for small businesses. Security threats change by the day, if not by the minute, and compliance regulations are extensive and complex.

By hiring a managed IT provider for security, you know that your systems are updated, and your company is protected both in terms of the safety of your data and your reputation. Compliance management helps you avoid hefty fines by keeping your data adequately identified and protected.

Predictability: Unpredictable IT costs can be the bane of the small business. Keeping the costs of software investments, hardware maintenance, and security in check is difficult for small businesses because of the changing technology.

If you have a piece of hardware go out, or if you find that a software installation that you had hoped to delay is more pressing than you anticipated, you’ll have unpredictable IT costs. With managed IT services, your provider works to keep your invoices consistent and affordable.

Tailored solutions: As your managed IT services provider gets to know your business, they’ll customize IT activities to fit your needs.

For instance, if your work is data-heavy, they may increase the frequency of data back-ups so your data stays protected. If you’re struggling to control bandwidth costs, they may suggest a different connectivity solution, and they’ll do all the work to get you transferred.

One of the best reasons to invest in managed services is that it’s a customizable service, and you stay in control of your IT as well. You don’t need to turn over your entire operation in order to see the benefits of managed IT services.

To find out more about the benefits of managed IT services – and to see if it’s right for your business – contact us at Xceptional. We’re a San Diego, CA-based managed IT services provider, and we’d love to find out how we can help you grow your business.

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